Anyone who is ambition should have personal development plan. First thing is the vision and goal setting, then you should have personal development plan to achieve the intended goal.

What you have achieved till today is your past’s plan and you have set the goal that what are now is through the inspiration and role model of past so that you believe that you can do it. Now, to achieve further goal or may be bigger goal, you need to plan , set bigger goal and plan to achieve it.

To achieve the bigger goal, you need to have adequate resources. Resources are skills, assets, technology, network, friend, family etc. But, first thing is you have to believe self and then only you can sell your vision to the others. To believe self, education, coaching, mentoring and events help you. Once you become confident, you can overcome the challenges.

If you achieved bigger goal for example, earn million pound, become president, impacted positively to million people etc, it is not important what you got . But, it is important that what you becoming. Even though you lost or donated all your income, your value won’t go away. Hence, worlds’ renown motivational speaker said, ” The important question to ask on the job is not, what am I getting ? Instead, you should ask, what am I becoming? What you become directly influences what you get. “

Hence, if you aren’t as you should be, it is the time to take action of learning. Some gain wisdom from self learning, but it is slow journey and if you want to achieve quickly with less struggle then you should take help from one who have been previously done it.

What is your personal development plan, share now.