Meditation is ancient practiced that has been used by the yogis in the ancient times in India, Nepal, Tibet etc. After Buddha, who has used it before 2500 years and now become popular in the west such as USA and Europe.

Meditation is the process of focussing our mind in the particular object so that our mind won't be wondering and our thought become clear. Such practice helps our mind become clear and sharp so that unwanted thought will be filtered.
Generally meditation is two types,
1. Unguided
2. Guided

Unguided Meditation
In Vipassana, anna panna meditation is used. In anna panna meditation, one should sit comfortably leg crossed and removing spectacle. Then, close eye gently and focus on the breathing or particular object. If the thought goes away, it must bring back again. At first it is uncomfortable, but eventually it will be habitual and goes deeper and deeper if you continuously practice it. Things that must be remember are , two hour gap after having meal, after shower in the morning or evening, but can be done any time and must not seep on while doing meditation.

Guided Meditation
In guided meditation, we should starts to focus our attention in our body parts and we can starts either leg or head etc and scan whole body. In mean time, we must focus on our attention for example 10, 15 seconds.

One should know the benifit of meditation that it removes anxiety, helps to improve relationship, health, mind and body as well. There are many example that the most successful people as well happy people regularly practice the meditation.