Covid-19 ‘Coronovirus’ has been very popular now a days and probably will be in our life time. After introducing this virus, our life become difficult and we had and have to change for the adaptation . In short, I found some people use a catalist to improve self and whilst some cultivated fear.

One uncle asked me, how am I or how did I handle the lock down and post lock down period. As if I use my intution, i think his perception was that i would share difficult stories. Instead, I happily explained that I turned it into opportunity on my health, wealth and happiness and explained my social work. Suddenly, I saw his bright face and he become more open and shared his personal stories , although his state was in fear and sceptic. And, I would like to share positive story of my customer, who is doing business.

And, also I found that one of my customer is doing more business that last year in the same period of time. I didn’t expect the answer and I become awkward at first because it exceeded my expectation.

Before, during and after lock down, I heard many stories of the virus that even the people seem very strong become very fearful and gained lots of weight. I also heard that the one senior citizen who was died in the bathroom due to heart attack, high blood pressure, sugar etc-post-mortem report, although he came back from morning walk on the day.

In conclusion, breakthrough or come back is necessary in this difficult situation. We must adapt to the situation but it is difficult. That will come from rituals, learning and teaching. We are helding events of Comeback session that you become transform and we also provide money back guarantee.